B-hyve Flood Freeze Sensor

B-hyve Flood Freeze Sensor

Water intrusion in the home causes extensive damage unless it is caught right away. The B-hyve™ Pro Flood and Freeze Sensor offers peace of mind and protection by alerting your phone immediately when water is detected. It is small enough to fit behind, under or around appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, toilets, water heaters and more. It also features an audible alarm in case you are away from your phone.

Features and benefits
Each sensor can be individually named and registered in the B-hyve app. This allows you to set alert thresholds by individual device. If a leak is detected or the temperature exceeds its approved range the B-hyve app will alert you. Battery status is sent to your phone so you can change batteries only when needed.
The app alerts you when water is detected, so you discover leaks faster.
Don’t have your phone with you? No problem! The audible alarm will also let you know when water has been detected.
Leaks and frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home. With Flood & Freeze Sensors you can get early warning. By catching it early, you may be able to avoid expensive repairs and loss of treasured items.
Providing peace of mind wherever you go the sensors can be placed near trouble spots like the sump pump, water heater, washer and under sinks! At the first signs of a leak or freezing temperature the B-hyve Flood & Freeze Sensor sends an alert your smart device.
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B-hyve Wireless Flood/Freeze Sensor

SKU 04134

B-hyve Wireless Flood/Freeze Sensor with GEN 2 Hub

Sensor Type: Contact
Recommended Operating Temperature Range: 14° F ~ 122° F ( -10° C ~ 50° C)
Operating Temperature Range: -40° F ~ 257° F ( -40° C ~ 125° C)
NOTICE: Battery life is severly diminished when exposed to Temperatures outside the Recommended Operating Temperature Range.
Housing Material: UV-resistant ABS

Height: 1 5/8" 
Thickness: 1/2"

Battery: CR2032