Drip emitters are central to an effective and efficient drip irrigation system installation. Drip emitters deliver water and nutrients directly to the plant root zone, maintaining even, low flow to each plant along the line.  Replace your overhead sprinkler irrigation with low-volume, drip irrigation, and improve your irrigation efficiency and lowering water runoff. 

Features and benefits
• Self-piercing barb on pressure compensating emitters
• Color coded by flow
• UV and chemical resistant
• Insect baffle to deter insect entry
• Removable cap for inspection and cleaning
• Designed for vineyards, orchards, row crops, and landscape
SKU 07214

1/2 GPH Maintainable PC Emitter

SKU 07225

1 GPH Maintainable PC Emitter

SKU 07226

2 GPH Maintainable Emitter

SKU 07105

Mutli-stream emitter on 6 inch stake

SKU 07110

Micro-bubbler on 6 inch stake

• Operating pressure: 5-25 psi (0.34-1.7 bar)
• Flow rate: .5-2 GPH