Ditch the barbs, go drip-lock! Compatible with tubing from 16-18 mm, and so much easier to install.  Drip-lock is the latest product innvoation for micro-irrigation.  With an oversized seal and stainless steel teeth, virtually all brands of half inch drip lines are held tight with no leaks.

Features and benefits
• All ½" fittings are releasable and reusable with the Drip-Lock® release collar
• Patented design requires no glue or tools for installation
• Low insertion force makes installation quick and easy
• ½" Drip-Lock® works with tubing from 16 mm to 18mm
• Drip-Lock® technology ensures lower friction loss for better water efficiency
• Built tough fittings made from UV-resistant ABS, stainless steel and EPDM seals
SKU 07490

1/2 inch Drip-lock Elbow 

SKU 07491

1/2 inch Drip-lock Coupling

SKU 07492

1/2 inch Drip-lock Tee

SKU 07493

1/2 inch Drip-lock to 3/4 inch Male Pipe Thread

SKU 07494

1/2 inch Drip-lock to 1/2 inch Male Pipe Thread

SKU 07495

1/2 inch Drip-lock to 5/8 inch Female Garden Hose Thread

SKU 07498

1/2 inch Drip-Lock to 5/8 inch Male Garden Hose Thread with cap

SKU 07497

1/2 inch in-line valve

• Compatibility range: 16mm (about .630") to .710" (18 mm) outside diameter
• Burst pressure exceeds 100 psi (6.9 bar)
• Operating pressure: 0-50 psi (0-3.4 bar)