HRC 390

HRC 390

At the top of its class the revolutionary HRC 390 irrigation controller with touch screen programming interface is versatile, intuitive, and loaded with advanced features. Property owners will instantly recognize the upgrade as HRC 390’s large, easy to read, blue backlit touch screen LCD illuminates its immediate surroundings. Contractors will appreciate the ease of programming in five optional languages, along with the HRC 390’s scheduling versatility. Best of all the HRC 390 requires no additional wiring to communicate with either its remote rain/freeze sensor or handheld remote control.

Features and benefits
  • Touch Screen Programming—Experience a new level of programming intuitiveness and speed, including pre-set watering durations and programming schedules (odd, even, interval).
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet with Swing-Out Panel—Allows easy wire access (see image on back).
  • Integrated Rain/Freeze Sensor—Requires no additional wiring. Simply sync this included accessory with a touch of a button.
  • Remote Control Ready—Remotely activate manual start spot watering with HRC 390’s included RF Transmitter. Simple activation at the touch of a button.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen—Programming ease with complete walk-through start-up program.
  • Screwless Wiring Terminals—Push-n-go terminals make installation quick and effortless.
  • Concurrent Drip Program—Drip irrigation zones provide water conservation by putting the water only where needed. HRC 390’s C program lets you efficiently run drip zones concurrently with programs A & B.
  • Saves Water—Automatically shuts off scheduled watering cycle when it rains and /or freezes.
  • Manages Seasonal Changes—Budget the system’s water usage seasonally from 10% to 200%.
  • Programmable Master Valve—Makes integration with Hydro-Rain’s Blu-Lock® PVC free system easy and manageable. Ensures proper Master Valve function.
  • Easy-to-read Touch Screen LCD Display—The blue, backlit, touch screen display – the industry’s largest – is easy to read under any lighting conditions. Use your finger to set up programming.
  • Three Programs for Watering Flexibility— Watering zones can be assigned to one or more of the HRC 390’s three programs: A, B, or C (C is concurrent with A & B).
  • Choice of Five Languages—Easily set the LCD display to read in any of five languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
  • 1 Amp Transformer—Capable of operating multiple valves/pump start at the same time.
  • Three-Year Warranty—Hydro-Rain® ensures full quality performance for the warranty period or we’ll replace it.
SKU 04040

6-Station R/F Touch Screen Indoor/Outdoor Controller Combination

SKU 04041

12-Station R/F Touch Screen Indoor/Outdoor Controller Combination

Station Timing: 1~240 minutes per station
Automatic Starts: Up to ten start times per day per
Programming Schedule: Days of week, interval, odd
and even days, delay (1~99 days)

Transformer Output: 24VAC/26VAC, 1A (meets CEC
Battery Backup: 3V lithium (program saved in nonvolatile
Surge Protection: Primary input has built-in MOV
(metal oxide varistor)
Wire Terminal: Screw-less, push-tab terminals
Power Cord: Included for indoor installation

Indoor/Outdoor: With key lock
Certifications: ETL listed, UL STD. 1951 Certified to
CAN/CSA STD. C22.2 NO 1010.1
download these docs
download these docs