This straightforward, user-friendly sprinkler controller combines simplicity of operation with feature-rich flexibility. For starters, the HRC 100 is enclosed in an indoor/outdoor UL approved case capable of 4,6,9 or 12 watering stations. Each model offers three independent programs– A, B and C –with up to four start times per program. Water conservation features? Of course! The HRC 100 water budgeting feature allows you to set watering durations from 10 to 200 percent of the programmed time, in 10 percent increments.
Contractors can also order the HRC 100 with a business logo screen printed on the cover from their local distributor. Minimum order quantity of 4 cases (24 controllers).
How to get started:
  1. Contact your local Hydro-Rain distributor to place an order.
  2. Submit your company logo, phone number, and/or web address to
  3. A proof will be sent to you for your approval before production begins.

Features and benefits
  • Three Programs
  • 4 Start Times Per Program
  • Program Data Safely Stored
  • Manual Advance
  • Indoor/Outdoor UL® Cabinet
  • Three Year Unconditional Parts Warranty
HRC 100-C-04L
SKU 04054P

4-Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller with custom logo

HRC 100-C-06L
SKU 04056P

6-Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller with custom logo

HRC 100-C-09L
SKU 04059P

9-Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller with custom logo

HRC 100-C-12L
SKU 04052P

12-Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller with custom logo

Station Timing: From 1–240 minutes
Automatic Starts: Up to 12 start times per day
Programming Schedule: Days of week, watering
intervals and odd/even days
Rain Delay: Setting for 24, 48 and 72 hours
Water Budgeting: Adjusts for seasonal watering
demands (10% to 200% in 10% increments)

Transformer Output: 24VAC/26VAC, 600mA
Battery Backup: 3V lithium (program saved in nonvolatile
Surge Protection: Primary input has built-in MOV
(metal oxide varistor), valve wire MOV protects against
lightning strikes
UL/CL: Approved
Wire Terminal: Tool-less & Color Coded
Pump Start Terminal