Center Pivot Control

Center Pivot Control

Control and monitor Center Pivot irrigation with Android, iOS, or a web browser from anywhere! Digital or mechanical panel, it doesn’t matter, B-hyve Ag is compatible with select Valley, Zimmatic, and Reinke center pivots.

Features and benefits
  • The base station at your home, shop, or office connects to the Wi-fi then broadcasts the Internet for miles to your pivots.
  • Set up a camera to monitor your pumps and tanks, connect moisture and temperature sensors, or even stream Netflix on your phone without using any cellular data.
  • Setting up stops, VRI, and end gun controls has never been easier just tap on the map of your pivot.
  • When B-hyve AG detects a safety error, it checks to see which tower is out of line and sends you an alert.
  • Adjust your pivot using the app or panel.
  • B-hyve Ag logs each event that happens at your pivot: when a pivot stopped, restarted, or who changed a setting.
  • Now with B-hyve AG, even if your pump isn’t next to your pivot, you can control and monitor it remotely. 
  • Controls hundred of center pivots
  • Reads pulse-emitting flow meters
  • Non-volatile memory maintains schedule
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Agriculture Center Pivot Controller

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Agriculture Center Pivot Accessory box End-of-Pivot GPS